Cancer Chemotherapy

Welcome to, a website dedicated to provide information about chemotherapy, how it works, the various types of drugs used for this treatment and its side effects. As you navigate through this website, you will find a lot of useful information related to this type of treatment. It should not be considered as a medical advice. If you have any doubts, please contact your oncologists.

When a person is diagnosed of cancer, it can cause a lot of trauma for the patient and his / her family members. Apart from coping with this news, there are many things that these patients might need to know. Most of the people believe that this can happen to others and not them. When they are first informed that they have cancer, their whole world falls apart. For most of the patients, having to cope with this disease is a big challenge. If you are well informed about your treatment options, you will be mentally prepared to fight this malignancy.

The various treatment options include: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy. In this website you will find very useful information related to cancer treatment. You will also become familiar with many terms that your oncologist or pathologist might use.

Before you start navigating this site, it is important that you should know in brief how this type of treatment works. In a normal body the cells have a fixed life cycle; they divide, grow and then die. When these cells grow in an abnormal manner and do not function properly, they intrude and interrupt the nearby cells, thereby impairing the normal functioning of the body.

Chemotherapy treatment (commonly called chemo) uses different drugs that prevent the cells from multiplying. So after the old cells die, no new cells are formed. This results in the death of the cancerous cells. However, because these drugs cannot distinguish between cancerous cells and normal cells, the healthy cells are also adversely affected. This results in many side effects. However, most of these side effects are temporary and go away once the treatment is over. The patients and their families have to undergo a lot of trauma.

The one thing that helps you to cope up with the fight against cancer is to know more about the treatments. Our website tries to do the same. It provides you with information related to the latest chemotherapy treatments that are used by the oncologists these days. It also gives you the information relating to the side effects of chemotherapy that the drugs can cause. The regimen of the chemotherapy, dosage, and the number of cycles that your oncologists will give will depend on many factors and they will decide them. The requirement of every person is unique and the treatment of every individual might vary to some extent.

Chemotherapy can cure cancer, control cancer or even ease the symptoms of cancer. Some factors that help the oncologists decide the regimen for a patient depends on: the stage of the cancer; the age of the patient; how much the cancer has spread in the body; whether the cancer has relapsed and so on. The articles give you a generic idea of the regimen and drugs used for a particular type of cancer. It can be altered by the oncologist if required. There are many trials going on these days. The patients can volunteer to be a part of the trial. Whatever be the treatment for the cancer, it is always helpful if you read a lot and also join a support group where you can meet people with your kind of problem and put faith in your doctor.