5-FU Chemotherapy

Fluorouracil chemotherapy is also  known as the 5-FU chemotherapy. It is a treatment given to the patients suffering from oesophagus and breast cancer. 5FU ChemotherapyThis chemotherapy is also suggested as a method of treatment for stomach cancer. Some side effects are associated with this therapy. Different people react in  different manners to the therapy. Some suffer from ulcers and sore mouth. While the treatment is in progress some ulcers erupt in the mouth.

Some patients are advised to suck small pieces of ice so that they get some relief from the treatment. Patients undergoing 5-FU chemotherapy are advised to drink lots of water as well as fluids. They are told to clean their teeth with the help of a soft toothbrush. Due to the presence of the mouth ulcers the food also tastes differently. Although the doctors prescribe special type of mouth washes, mouth infection can occur.

The patient may also suffer from diarrhea while undergoing 5-FU chemotherapy. Though this side effect can be controlled, the doctor should be intimated immediately. Some also suffer from vision problems. When such problems occur eye drops are prescribed to give relief to the patients. Apart from the other two problems another change that is seen in the patient is the change in the color of the skin. It happens due to pigmentation. But these side effects are temporary and subside once the treatment is over.

5-FU chemotherapy AdministrationThere are many methods of administering 5-FU chemotherapy. They include applying in on your skin in the form of cream, infusion of the chemotherapy drugs into the vein using a plastic tube inserted into the vein or injection. These treatments are given in various sessions which usually last for some months. The duration or length of chemotherapy  treatment is decided by the doctor on the basis of various factors. There are many side effects of this treatment and it is not the same for every individual undergoing this treatment as the intensity of the side effects also vary.

5-FU chemotherapy side effects

Persons undergoing 5-FU chemotherapy may suffer from hair loss. Total loss of hair is seldom heard off. The hair line usually thins off. Three to four weeks after the commencement of the treatment the change in the hair is noticed. The hair starts to grow back once the treatment comes to an end. Changes in the nails are also noticed. They become too brittle. The skin becomes too sensitive to the sunlight and gets sun-burnt very easily.

The patient should wear proper clothing and apply sunscreen lotion before venturing out in the sun. The 5-FU chemotherapy also leads to the eruption of rashes. These rashes can be very irritable and cause discomfort to the patient. The palms and the soles also become sore and is generally known as the hand and foot syndrome. But these side effects of chemotherapy are seen only when the treatment is carried on for a very long period.