BEP Chemotherapy

BEP Chemotherapy : A better treatment for ovarian cancer or testicular cancer

BEP chemotherapy is the most effective method used for treating ovarian cancer or testicular cancer. BEP Chemotherapy (Etoposide, cisplatin and bleomycin) Bleomycin and cisplatin etopside are generally prescribed when this type of treatment is given to the patients.  In order to get this treatment, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for a long duration. However, before administering the treatment for ovarian cancer or testicular cancer, it is necessary to undergo the medical tests such as the blood test based on which the treatment is decided.

At the initial stage of BEP chemotherapy, the aforementioned drugs are infused in the bloodline of a patient through a thin elastic tube. This is not a painful treatment and does not take long time. If a patient is anxious or curious about this treatment, he or she can consult with a doctor or nurse to get a fair idea about this chemotherapy treatment. As chemotherapy treatment sometimes generates sickness, the practitioners prescribe some anti-sickness drugs to the patients. These anti-sickness drugs can be taken through an injection or in the form of pills, as per the prescription. A patient is advised to drink plenty of water or other fluids before  and after chemotherapy treatment so that his kidneys are not damaged.

The whole process of chemotherapy is divided into some phases. Each phase has to generate the desired result so that the treatment continues without any interruption. Generally, at the initial stage, a patient is given cisplatin and etoposide. Cisplatin and bleomycin are applied on the next day. Etoposide is given on the third day. After that, a patient gets a repose time of one week. BEP chemotherapy is maneuvered in a cyclic process which means that here a treatment period is replaced by repose period and vice versa. As the drugs used in this chemotherapy destroy the cancer cells in a patient, this repose period will certainly give him or her a chance to reproduce some healthy cells that can make up the destruction.

BEP chemotherapy side effects

BEP chemotherapy is a very helpful treatment used for treating cancer. Patient undergoing this treatment has to face some severe side effects. However, you have to consider the fact that the patients undergoing this treatment not necessarily have to face the similar side effects.

The side effect faced by the individual totally depends on various factors. These factors include the treatment schedule, which has been used for treating and its dosage, which was given to the patient. It also has an effect on the white blood cells of the body, which help to fight against diseases in our body. This treatment would have an adverse effect on the immunity of the body and which would hamper your overall health. It also increases your chances of being susceptible to other diseases. This side effect would last only for a limited period and after that, the body would regain the white cells required for the immune system.

There are other side effects too that can also endanger the life a cancer patient. Anemia, hair loss, loss of appetite and nausea are some of the side effects of BEP chemotherapy. Chemotherapy mouth sores and changes in taste can also be observed in some patients who are undertaking the BEP chemotherapy treatment. However, despite these side effects, this treatment can be reckoned as the most effective treatment to cure a cancer patient.