Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology

Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology is a publication medium that deals with different oncologic and pharmacologic concerns. Cancer Chemotherapy and PharmacologyThis medium publishes the concerns both at the clinical and experimental level. However, this medium mainly focuses on the recent anticancer agents. It also deals with the screening of these agents, the pharmacology and also the pre-clinical toxicology of these agents. It also publishes the result of the single or combined uses of the drugs and also the trials of the clinical phase I, II and III. This medium is of great importance to the oncologists and the pharmacologists.

The Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology is generally published by the name Springer-Online first publication. While publishing the articles in a printed form, the publication adds the page numbers, the date of online publication and the citation line. The authors can submit their manuscript online. They can also directly log onto the website. This is an easy process and in order to log in to the website, the authors just have  to abide by the instructions that appear on their computer screen.

Authors after entering the Manuscript Central site, the site for Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology has to create an account. However, authors already having an account can use it to access the site. The authors can use their existing account for submitting their manuscripts. It also helps them to track the position of their manuscripts. However, it may happen that an author may not be sure about his existing account, or may forget his password. In such case the author can type his email address in an area that has been labeled as “Password Help”. This area is situated on the homepage’s right side. An author not having an account should click the “Create Account” link. This is located on the homepage’s top right side. An author in order to create an account should abide by the instructions that appear on the computer screen.

Apart from submitting their journals, the authors can also track the position of their manuscripts. In case they forget their password, there is an easy procedure on the site to procure it.

An author submitting the manuscript on the Manuscript Central site of the Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology site, the authors should be careful about the language of the manuscript. The manuscript should be written in English, they should deal with current topics, and should never have been published before. The results should be written in a concise form. The article should mention the known facts briefly. Suitable literature citations should be used in the article. Some abstract key words should be present before every manuscript. The citations given in the manuscript should be in numbers and should be inside square brackets. The references should be provided in alphabetical order. Besides, the manuscript should also contain names of the drugs used and the quantity of the drugs used.

Apart from the normal process of publication, the site for Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology also provides an alternate option for publication, known as Springer Open Choice. The articles get all benefits of normal publication. These articles are available to everyone on the online platform of Springer.