Chemotherapy Induced Anemia

Though it is well known that chemotherapy is the best treatment that a cancer patient can get, it is not free from flaws. Chemotherapy can generate many side effects or complications that can certainly make a life worse. Some of the side effects are very severe and some of them are very common which generally go off within a few weeks of appearance. Anemia due to chemotherapy is reckoned as a common side effect.

The deficiency of red blood cells is known as Anemia. This is obviously a lethal disease and one has to treat this side effect very cautiously. Chemotherapy Induced AnemiaApart from anemia, there are other chemotherapy side effects too. These also need to be treated cautiously. Chemotherapy induced anemia occurs because of the direct side effect of chemotherapy. This disease reduces the production of red blood cells or can directly influence the production of red blood cells. Anemia can generate a feeling of fatigue and some time may bring some dire consequences. It has been observed that a can patient who has undergone chemotherapy has a chance to be affected by anemia in his life. Therefore, one has to garner minute information about this disease or side effect.

Symptom of chemotherapy induced anemia

Chemotherapy induced anemia is the most common side effect of chemotherapy treatment, which is faced by the individuals who have undergone this treatment. There are some physical symptoms, which will help an individual to find out whether the individual is suffering from anemia or not. These physical symptoms include shortness of breath, inability to concentrate, paleness of the skin, loss of appetite, weakness, and in some severe cases there are other physical symptoms such as blue fingernails, rapid breathing, chest pain, low blood pressure and heart palpitations.

If the patient is suffering from any of these symptoms, then consult a doctor and take the necessary medications. In some cases, the side effects of the treatment would make the person unable to do their routine activities and sometimes it becomes severe that the patient might not be in the state to continue with the chemotherapy treatment as well. It would also hamper the standard of living of the patient undergoing this treatment.

The current position of chemotherapy induced anemia can be checked by testing blood. This report is important because the rest of the treatment can only be followed if the report is normal or shows progress. Some treatments available help a patient get relief from this disease along with cancer. Blood transfusion is thought to be the best possible option in this tantalizing situation. But this can also bring some complications during or after chemotherapy. Infection, fragile immunity system and fever are some of the common complications of blood transfusion. Medication that can galvanize the production of red blood cells can also be regarded as another alternative treatment.

Red blood cells transfer oxygen to all parts of the body. Proper function of the whole body is largely dependent on this aspect. Chemotherapy induced anemia targets this vital system of a human body. That why proper treatment has to be conducted for generating a better result. As chemotherapy induced anemia is a vital issue one can consult his doctor to mitigate all the suspicions of his mind.