Cisplatin Chemotherapy

Cisplatin ChemotherapyChemotherapy treatment uses a variety  of drugs to treat  cancer. A specific drug can work effectively to eradicate a specific type of cancer or a particular combination of certain drugs may be effective to treat a particular type of cancer . For example, the cancer of bladder, stomach, ovaries, lung and testicle can be effectively treated by cisplatin which is a powerful chemotherapeutic drug. A flexible and thin  tube is used in this chemotherapy treatment to infuse the drug into the vein of. This drug can also be infused through a PICC line.

Although cisplatin chemotherapy is an  appeared immensely effective treatment for certain types of cancer, it could also cause   numerous  of side effects. The severity  of these side effects is largely dependent on the dose of drug that is used in a treatment. The number and type of side effects may vary from person to person. If a patient is given cisplatin along with other drugs in chemotherapy, then his side effects will be starkly different from a patient who is treated with only cisplatin. There are some other factors that also influence the type of side effect and its severity.

Side Effects of Cisplatin Chemotherapy

An interaction with a doctor is obviously needed if a cancer patient experiences any kind of discomfort after the completion of cisplatin chemotherapy or during the treatment. Some of the inconveniences are common and some of them very rare. Chemotherapy induced vomiting and nausea is one of the  most common side effects that a patient may experience while undergoing the treatment or  after the completion of chemotherapy treatment. This may continue for a few days. Now with the advent of modern technology, cancer patients get relief  with the help of   anti-sickness drugs.

Kidneys can also be affected by the side effect of cisplatin chemotherapy. Though it has been observed that this treatment doesn’t affect the kidneys strongly, doctors always check the status of the kidney by checking the blood test report before starting with the  chemotherapy treatment. To ensure the proper functioning  of kidneys, fluid is passed into the vein. Practitioner also  asks a patient if the urination is normal. If not the patient is recommended certain medications and also told to drink plenty of water.  Read more about cisplatin chemotherapy application and side effects.

Cisplatin chemotherapy can affect the neural system of our body. That is why some patients feel numbness or have an itchy feeling in feet and hands. But these side effects are ephemeral and generally disappear within a few months. One can also feel change in taste but this is also a temporary problem. Other than these short-term side effects, some may have serious side effects such as infertility. Therefore, it is important for the patients   to discuss about the side effects of the treatment  with the  doctor before discussing about when to start  chemotherapy treatment. Anemia, loss of appetite and hair loss are some other common side effects