CMF Chemotherapy

CMF chemotherapy is a type of treatment that is used to treat breast cancer.This therapy is considered to be immensely effective in generating a better result. CMF ChemotherapyThe name of this chemotherapy treatment is derived with the three drugs used in the treatment namely fluorouracil, cyclophosphamide and methotrexate. But before starting with the chemotherapy  treatment the patients need to undergo certain tests such as the  blood test.  This may take a few hours and after that a patient can receive this treatment.

In CMF chemotherapy for breast cancer a patient receives chemotherapeutic drugs which are transferred through a flexible tube. A patient who is suffering from  breast cancer can be provided with  anti-sickness drugs.. Injection or Pills both can be used in this treatment to give these anti-sickness drugs. These drugs are immensely effective in preventing the emergence of sickness. Chemotherapy treatment comprising of a combination of drugs is referred to as chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy regimen is identified with the acronyms of the drugs or agents used in the chemotherapy treatment.

CMF Chemotherapy Stages

The CMF chemotherapy is administered  in a schedule which comprises of four steps. . These schedules are described as follows. In the  first step, on day 1 of the treatment methotrexate injection is given to the patient. This is followed by giving   cyclophosphamide pills to the patient for about two weeks. Once the dosage of cyclophosphamide is completed, then the patient is given a break for about a fortnight. This break or rest period allows the body to recuperate from the possible side effects of chemotherapy treatment. You can read more on CMF chemotherapy scheduling and side effects.

The next phase of the treatment begins about four weeks later after the first injection of methotrexate is given. The chemotherapy drugs i.e.  methotrexate, 5FU and cyclophosphamide are used again for  the second phase of the treatment.   The completion of the second phase is again followed by a rest period of  about a fortnight.   The next phase of the treatment begins after the completion of the rest period and then the entire phase of CMF Chemotherapy is repeated. . The time schedules for giving the treatment varies and it may take about six months to complete these entire schedules or cycles of CMF chemotherapy treatment.

CMF Chemotherapy Side Effects

Side effects are certainly the unpleasant side of any chemotherapy treatment and CMF chemotherapy is not completely free from it. Although the side effects are inevitable, they vary from person to person and there are many chances of two persons undergoing the same chemotherapy treatment to experience completely different side effects with no match to each other.   Some of the common side effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer that many patients experience includes anemia, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, hair fall or thinning of hair and taste changes. Besides these, any unusual or sudden changes experienced by the chemotherapy patient must immediately be brought to the attention of the doctor.
Please note that although the CMF chemotherapy schedules are carried out in a definite duration, it varies for different patients and the doctors decide on it considering many factors. The treatment cycles may also undergo changes at any stage depending upon the side effects faced by the patient.