Cost of Chemotherapy

Cost of Chemotherapy Treatment

Treatment of cancer is often  expensive, especially when the treatment period is prolonged such as in the case of in chemotherapy. A study conducted by the “Disease Control & Prevention” of US centers reveal that 1 in every 5 person gets the required cancer treatment done late or stays away from the treatment because of the high cost of treatment. This study was conducted amongst the cancer survivors below the age of 65. This stands factual enough for the uninsured but also remains true for those with  medical cover as the cost of treatments like chemotherapy can go beyond what the medical cover may provide.Cost of Chemotherapy Treatment

A nationwide survey among 52000 persons revealed that the problem is much complex for persons surviving from different types of cancer, than patients suffering with other conditions. When evaluated, out of 21% of persons surviving  cancer, 12% of the persons have further health difficulties after the treatment, and thus the overall expense ends up to be more than expected or evaluated to be.

Average Cost of Chemotherapy Treatment
Few chemotherapeutic drugs are reasonably within reach in price, like leucovorin and 5-FU. However, the newly discovered drugs are priced at a higher rate and the cost of chemotherapy drugs is further up when the drugs are used in a combination.  The drug cost while treating with leucovorin and 5-FU for 8 weeks may come  approximately to $100 to $300, and with the addition of irinotecan or oxaliplatin, the cost may go up to  approximately $10,000 .  Addition of cetuximab (Erbitux) or bevacizumab (Avastin), would further take the expenditure to approximately $20,000 to $30,000. Please note that the given figures are only an estimate of the cost of chemotherapy drugs and this may vary as the prices could fluctuate. Besides, the numbers only suggest the cost of the drugs and not about the cost of the overall treatment.
 In most cases, as the treatment only extends the survival of the patient by a few months and does not promise to completely free the patient from cancer. As per “The-New-England-Journal-of-Medicine” – the newer drugs arriving in the market  with high price would result in rise in policy premiums and other allied subjects, and would become nearly impossible to afford even for comparatively affluent persons.

A patient of colon cancer has to bear the brunt of high expenditure, which is not hypothetical, but instantaneous for him. Mostly a delay in approval is noticed in the insurance coverage matter. Even though insurance might cover all or part of the expenditure, several policies put a ceiling on it: like the highest amount to be reimbursed to an individual over lifetime. Persons on Medicare, and exclusive of some other insurance, spend 20% of the cost, which is a considerable amount.

By any means if the chemotherapy cost is exorbitantly high, then a verification with some pharmaceutical firms may be of some help; as they many a times support in paying for the drugs. Various committees have programs where they do not charge the patients for the chemotherapy drugs.

Chemotherapy for general malignant tumors is also  considered to be “very expensive”. The cancer centers at Toronto suggested that this overview of cost of chemotherapy is not precise. The expenditure of chemotherapeutic drugs administered on outpatient, based over 4-6 months ranges between 260 to $5374. Per dosage cost for outpatient administration of chemotherapy stands at approximately $152.53.