Cytotoxic Chemotherapy

Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Treatment for Cancer

The cancerous cells multiply in a human body by dividing at a very fast rate. Cytotoxic Chemotherapy DrugsThey do not allow the healthy cells to grow. The medicines that are administered through cytotoxic chemotherapy do not allow the cancer cells to grow by dividing. In almost all the chemotherapy treatments a combination of two or more chemotherapy drugs are used to destroy the cancer cells. Two types of drugs are used as it has been proved to deliver better results with a combination of drugs as compared to single agent chemotherapy.

Cytotoxic chemotherapy treatment uses anti-cancer drugs to kill the cancer cells and as these drugs are toxic in nature, while destroying the cancer cells they kills the healthy cells as well. This happens because the chemotherapy agents tends to kill all the cells that divide. It is unable to differentiate between the normal and the cancerous ones. As a result of this, the patient suffers from various side effects.

The interval between two sessions of cytotoxic chemotherapy is usually increased so that the healthy cells recover before another session. The number of sessions of the therapy to be conducted depends upon the medicines used. Usually a person has to undergo 4 to 6 rounds of chemotherapy session or chemotherapy cycle. Different types of medicines are used to treat different type of cancer. The most commonly used medicines are cytotoxic antibiotics and antimetabolites.

When is Cytotoxic Chemotherapy is Given?

It is not necessary that the cytotoxic chemotherapy treatment is only given when the cancer has reached an advanced stage. It is also given during the early stages of the cancer. This helps in the prevention of cancer cells from growing and dividing. The survival chances are also more as the number of healthy cells is more as compared to the cancer cells. Earlier patients suffering from breast cancer were not given chemotherapy. It was a general belief that the cancer is confined only in the breast region and cure is possible by treating it locally.

When later on cytotoxic chemotherapy was administered to the breast cancer patients the results were astonishing. The rate of survival increased. Chemotherapy treatment is very helpful to patients suffering from an advanced stage of breast cancer. The chemotherapy treatment could take anywhere between six to twelve months. The results are found to be much better than the hormonal therapy.

Cytotoxic Chemotherapy Side Effects

An individual undergoing the cytotoxic chemotherapy may experience several side effects. Some of the common side effects of chemotherapy drugs are hair loss and nausea. It may also result in early menopause as the ovaries stop its proper function. The side effects however depend on the dosage of the treatment. Many health care professionals have come up with some effective and healthy ways to deal with these side effects up to a certain extent.