Dose Dense Chemotherapy

A person suffering from breast cancer has greater chance of survival if she undergoes dose dense chemotherapy. Dose Dense ChemotherapyThis therapy is better than the conventional one. Various researches have been done in this field and doctors have found out that if the interval between the two consecutive doses of chemotherapy is reduced then the women suffering from breast cancer have much better chances of survival. It is particularly for those women whose cancer has spread almost to the lymph nodes.

It was even suggested in the research work that women may face some advantages if two session of chemotherapy is administered at less interval. Administering of new drugs with smaller intervals is generally known as dose dense chemotherapy. It also increases the chances of survival and also helps in increasing the survival chances among the affected women. Various complication of conventional chemotherapy are also avoided using this method.

After a thorough study of the results of the both the type of chemotherapy it has been found out that dose dense chemotherapy is much effective. The chances of surviving without the disease are almost 82% in dose dense therapy whereas it is only 75% in conventional chemotherapy. The medicines used now are more targeted towards curing the patients from all the cancerous cells. The additional researches confirm that there are more chances of women getting cured of breast cancer if dose dense chemotherapy is administered on them.

It is generally observed that after undergoing several cycles of chemotherapy treatment for metastatic breast cancer, it results in the reduction of the white blood cells. In order to reduce these side effects of chemotherapy treatment, several other medicines were also administered which helped in dealing with these side effects. It helped in regaining the formation of white blood cells in the body. Another excellent alternative is to increase the frequency of the treatment which helps to prevent the destruction of the white cells in case the medicines to combat this side effect are not given.

Apart from greater chances of surviving for a longer period without the disease the overall rate of survival is also more when dose dense chemotherapy is administered. This has been put forward only after seeing the results of various studies. The breast cancer chemotherapy side effects are also less than the conventional treatment. The patients are able to lead a better quality of life. Though they suffer from some side effects the intensity is not that severe.

The results of dose dense chemotherapy have encouraged the doctors to come out with various suggestions to improve the life style of the cancer affected patients. They are trying to improve the life expectancy of the cancer affected people by administering new and safe drugs. These drugs have fewer side effects. Moreover, dose dense chemotherapy, ozone treatment for cancer, gene therapy, and other advanced methods that are being researched for have also proved to improve the survival chances of the cancer patients.