Doxil Chemotherapy

The term “Doxil Chemotherapy” is derived from the name of the chemotherapy drug, Doxorubicin Liposomal, used for this treatment.This drug is basically used for the treatment of various types of cancer such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other types of tumors. The schedule and the dosage of the treatment are determined by your health care professional. There are many factors, which are considered before the oncologist decides to give this type of treatment to the patient. These include the type of cancer, the extent to which the cells have spread in the patient’s body along with the overall height and weight of the patient. This treatment is administered only by trained medical professionals and nurses as this drug may cause the swelling in the vein if not handled properly. Before opting for chemotherapy, it is essential to know about what is chemotherapy and effects of chemotherapy.

Doxil Chemotherapy (Doxorubicin Liposomal)

When a cancer patient is receiving Doxil chemotherapy, the amount of drug that will be used in this purpose is dependent on a patient’s overall health and his / her weight and height. Further, the cancer type also plays a prominent part in this thing. However, this chemotherapy is not completely free from side effects, so proper information must be gathered before taking a firm decision. Before opting for any type of chemptherapy, it is greatly suggested to get information about how chemotherapy works, side effects of chemotherapy and when to stop chemotherapy. Actually, the severeness of side effect depends on numerous factors. The dose of the drug and the health of a cancer patient are the major factors responsible for the cause of side effects due to chemotherapy in a patient.. As the medical field is growing very rapidly, these side effects can be curbed effectively and thereby it can enhance the efficiency of the treatment. Same like Doxil chemotherapy one more chemotherapy treatment called adriamycindoxorubicin chemotherapy treatment is also prescribed in some cases. Cancer treatment using adriamycindoxorubicin chemotherapy is also observed to give good results in patients

Doxil Chemotherapy Side Effects

Doxil chemotherapy has some side effects that are known as infusion related side effects. Breathing problems, feeling tightness in chest and inflammation in face are some of the infusion related side effects. These side effects generally do not occur when a patient is treated with a low dose of medication and these side effects usually can be treated within a few weeks after the completion of infusion of the drug. Very few cancer patients have to face this kind of side effects. Doxil chemotherapy can also reduce the production of red blood cells and white blood cells at the same time. Low level of red blood cells in blood can lead to anemia and low level of white blood cells in blood leads to weak immunity system, which in turn increases the risk of infection.