Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy

In the present days, one of the most common cancers among women is ovarian cancer. One of the options of treatment for ovarian cancer is chemotherapy.  Ovarian cancer chemotherapy drugs are injected into the body through veins into the bloodstream. Chemotherapy is mostly followed  after the surgical removal of the tumor and especially when the patient is suffering from the 1c or higher stage of ovarian cancer. Chemotherapy is also used in case of the ovarian cancer when the cancer cell recurs after the patient has undergone the first treatment of cancer which could be hysterectomy, omentectomy, removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries etc.

How is Chemotherapy Given?

Ovarian cancer chemotherapy includes intravenous infusion of chemotherapy drugs   into the body.   This helps the drugs to circulate and spread throughout the body through the bloodstream. Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment The intravenous injection of chemotherapy is given to the patient for about three to four weeks and this treatment is repeated nearly about six times. But in some unusual cases the treatment is repeated for about 12 times. The duration of the infusion  of the drug in  ovarian cancer chemotherapy treatment could be  more than three hours.  Ovarian cancer chemotherapy treatment is an outpatient treatment wherein the patient is allowed to leave after a few hours of the treatment however, in some cases the patient may be required to stay overnight.

Drugs Used in Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy

There are several drugs used in ovarian cancer chemotherapy and depending on the severity, duration and the type, the oncologist prescribes the effective drug alongwiththe required dosae. If someone is in the earliest stage of ovarian cancer,  a combination of paclitaxel and carboplatin or only carboplatin is given. These chemotherapy  drugs in most cases are given to the cancer patients after the surgery.

Lot of research has been carried out by the scientists on  ovarian cancer chemotherapy. Several studies have been carried out to see which drug most effectively deals with the treatment of the ovarian cancer by stopping the reproduction of the cancer cell in the ovary and thus allowing it to shrink. A study carried out in the year 1999 showed that the anti-cancer drugs containing platinum such as  carboplatin and cisplatin whencombined with the other chemotherapy drugs  helps increase the life span.  You can also read more about cisplatin chemotherapy application and side effects.

In addition to this drug several other advanced and highly modernized drugs of ovarian cancer chemotherapy have been invented and are highly used on the recommendation of the doctor after the first surgery of ovarian cancer or after the recurrence of the cancer cells after undergoing the first treatment. In the year 2005 a study had been carried out which dealt with the drugs treating the cancer that  recurred after the first treatment.

Dietary Supplements

Ovarian cancer chemotherapy is sometimes accompanied with dietary supplements. Herbal medications and dietary supplements are prescribed by the doctors to increase the effectiveness of the chemotherapy treatment. The researchers are trying different options that can go with chemotherapy in order to preserve the health of the patient. However it has not yet been discovered how well chemotherapy treatment interacts with supplements. Regardless of whether the dietary supplements are effective or not, the patients must inquire about the diet for chemotherapy with the doctor in order to cope up with the possible side effects of the treatment.