Palliative Chemotherapy

Palliative chemotherapy is administered to the cancer patients to increase their survival period and also give them some respite from the pain that they undergo. Although  the therapy is administered to increase the survival period, there is hardly or little change. In fact, there is no proof that the patients have lived longer after undergoing this therapy. Even if patients have lived longer it is only for a period of one year.Although it is believed that there are no visible signs of improvement after undergoing palliative chemotherapy, there are some proofs that indicate the popularity of the therapy. Some patients have really benefited from the therapy while some suffered due to the side effects. While administering palliative chemotherapy, the patient requires proper care and attention to ensure that there are no major side effects of the drugs being administered. Read more about how is chemotherapy administered.

The treatment is immediately stopped if the patient develops any symptoms of side effects when undergoing palliative chemotherapy.  Before the doctor starts with the therapy proper information about palliative chemotherapy should be given to the patients and their family members. Doctors should see that they do not give any false hopes to the party. People suffering from leukemia are mainly given this therapy. Although  they are definitely not cured by the therapy, they get to live a little longer than before the treatment.

Patients suffering from breast cancer, sarcoma of the tissues are also administered palliative chemotherapy. Palliative Chemotherapy for Sarcoma of the TissuesBut before the treatment is given to the patient the situation should be properly judged by the doctors so as to ensure if   the patient is in a suitable condition to undergo the treatment and will the treatment be of any use to the patient. As cost of chemotherapy is usually on the higher side, it is important that the doctors inform the family and friends of the patient in advance about the same as this may also be a deciding factor of whether to start the treatment or not.

Why would you want Palliative Chemotherapy?

Palliative chemotherapy is mostly administered to the patients by doctors to deal with the effects of cancer. This treatment is also used for reducing the size of the tumor. There are many controversies which have cropped up as this treatment is not useful for treating the cancer. Hence, many individuals opting for this treatment are still in the confusion as to whether it is useful method for treating cancer.

As a result many research studies have been conducted to study the effectiveness of this treatment. However, majority of the people opt for this therapy with a primary intention that it would help dealing with the painful symptoms of cancer and also improve the chances of survival of the patient for some more years.