Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy

Treatment of Prostate Cancer with Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy

Prostate cancer chemotherapy is used in the treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Prostate cancer chemotherapy This method is opted for treating this type of cancer when hormonal therapy is not useful for treating cancer. Many research studies have been conducted to find out the best and most effective method can be used for the treatment of cancer. The chemotherapy drugs are either given in a combination of different drugs or a single drug is used in the treatment. This treatment is mostly given in cycles and given using various methods such as the injections or pills.

Role of Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy in Treating Prostate Cancer
In majority of cases, the growth rate of prostatic adenocarcinoma is slow. The cancers cells of prostate cancer similar to that of the healthy cells divide at a slow rate. It is for this reason that prostate cancer chemotherapy is of no use in the early stage of prostate cancer. The drugs used in prostate cancer chemotherapy are both systematic and toxic. The drugs are considered to be toxic as they kill the cells. The drugs are however considered to be systematic as the drugs when moving through the blood affects all cells present in the body.

It is not possible to focus the chemotherapy treatment to the body’s specific area. and therefore all the cells of the body that quickly divide get affected by the chemotherapy treatment. The cells that are generally affected include the hair follicles, bone marrow, skin and gastrointestinal tract. It is because of this reason that this chemotherapy treatment is not used for treating the early stages of prostate cancer. However, people suffering from advance stages of prostate cancer are greatly benefited by this treatment for prostate cancer. The treatment not only reduces the pain of the patients, but also helps to extend the patients’ lives.

When to Use Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy?
The prostate cancer chemotherapy treatment is used for treating the advanced stages of prostate cacer. Doctors generally start using hormone therapy when prostate surgery or cryotherapy fails in treating the disease. However, with the passage of time, even hormone therapy fails to stop the growth and spreading of the cancer cells. This kind of cancer is known as hormone refractory prostate cancer. This mostly happens when the prostate cancer is in its advanced stage. It is in this stage that doctors prescribe the prostate cancer chemotherapy treatment.

It often happens that the prostate cancer spread in the bones of a patient. This is considered as acute prostate cancer along with bone metastasis.  Read more on treatment metastatic prostate cancer. This mostly occurs when a patient undergoes hormone therapy. However, the doctors cannot determine it without conducting a scan of the bones. Prostate cancer chemotherapy helps in treating the bone cells that start dividing malignantly due to the disease. The chemotherapy drugs help in reducing the pain that is caused by bone metastasis. Chemotherapy treatment is often combined with radiation therapy to reduce the pain that is caused by the disease.

At present there are wide ranges of prostate cancer chemotherapy drugs that are being used to treat advanced prostate cancer. Present day doctors’ start using chemotherapy drugs on their patient even before the hormone therapy. In some patient chemotherapy when used prior to the failure of hormone therapy has helped in slowing the progress of the disease.

Drugs Used in Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment
There are different kinds of chemotherapy drugs for prostate cancer treatment. The most common drug used for this treatment is mitoxantrone. This drug is an anti- tumor antibiotic. This drug is given to patients along with prednisone which is a steroid. This drug is prescribed to patients suffering from pain because of bone metastasis. Another anti-tumor antibiotic that is used in this treatment is doxorubicin. This drug is obtained from the Streptomyces Peuceticus bacteria. This drug helps in destroying the nuclei of the cancer cells. Another dug used in this treatment is vinblastine which is obtained from Madagascar periwinkle. This drug helps in disrupting the multiplication of the cancer cells. Another drug used in this treatment is paclitaxel. This drug belongs to the taxane group. This drug locks the cells’ microtubules as a result of which the cell at the time of division crumbles. Docetaxel is another drug used in this treatment and belongs to the taxane group. Estramustine Phosphate is also used in this treatment. This drug helps in destroying the cancer cells’ DNA. It also helps in reducing the production of testosterone in the patient’s body. Another drug used in this treatment is etoposide that helps in inhibiting the mitosis process of the cancer cells.

What are the side effects of prostate cancer chemotherapy treatment?
The drugs used in prostate cancer chemotherapy treatment causes different kind of side effects in different patients. Some patients suffer from mild chemotherapy drugs side effects, while there are others who face a lot of side effects. One of the side effect of this chemotherapy leads to the reduction of the bone marrow’s production of white blood cells. This reduction makes a patient prone towards any kind of infection. A person undergoing this treatment may also have high temperature and may not feel well. Another side effect of this chemotherapy is bruising or bleeding. Chemotherapy leads to a reduction in the production of the blood clotting platelets. As a result of it a patient may suffer from unexplained bleeding or blood spots, nose bleeding, bleeding gums and even skin rashes.

Another side effect of prostate cancer chemotherapy is anemia. A patient undergoing this treatment may become anemic and hence feel breathless and tired. Another side effect of this chemotherapy is vomiting and nausea. Some chemotherapy drugs also make the patient’s mouth sore and cause mouth ulcers. Another side effect that is faced by a patient undergoing this treatment is loss of appetite. However, the most common side effect caused by this chemotherapy drugs is the loss of hair. This side effect causes distress in many patients. Another side effect of this chemotherapy treatment is fatigue. People undergoing this treatment get tired easily while leading a normal life. However, doctors provide various anti-sickness drugs to the patients that help in preventing the side effects.