RICE Chemotherapy

RICE chemotherapy is a specific type of chemotherapy treatment where a specific type of drugs is used  in the treatment for lymphoma cancer. In RICE chemotherapy some different drugs are used that can effectively reduce the anguish of a cancer patient and at the same time they can help one to fight against cancer. Carboplatin, etoposide and ifosfamide are the three major drugs that are used in this specific type of chemotherapy. But this therapy also incorporates some antibody drugs for example rituximab for enhancing the effectiveness of this therapy on cancer patients.Rituximab is one of the widely prescribed drugs in rice chemotherapy. It falls under Monoclonal Antibodies, a group of cancer drugs that bind only cancer cell-specific antigens and create an immunological response against cancer cell. Rituximab Rice Chemotherapy DrugThe use of it is common in various types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma as well as in chronic lymphatic leukemia. It destroys both normal and malignant B cells with CD20 on the surface. It is a part of an initial treatment given in combination with CHOP chemotherapy regimen  to the patients suffering from diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. It can also be given with chemotherapy regimen CVP when an advanced follicular lymphoma is first diagnosed. It also makes an ideal medicine for people who have follicular lymphoma but show no signs of cancer after getting the treatment. It can serve as a part of a research trial, either separately or in combination with chemotherapy. After being diluted, Rituximab changes to a colorless fluid. It is infused through cannula (a fine tube) inserted into a vein. Some people may have a few side effects of this drug; but they are generally mild and can overcome with medicines. For heart patients, however, the infusion of Rituximab is a bit risky as there are chances of getting the heart problems worse.

RICE Chemotherapy Treatment

RICE chemotherapy treatment can be taken in a hospital and it doesn’t require a long time. Obviously a blood test is mandatory in this specific situation to determine the condition of kidney and the general health of the patient. This report has to be perfect otherwise a wrong treatment based on such  reports could generate some lethal side effects. Therefore a cancer patient has to consult an experienced doctor. Before the starting of the chemotherapy a patient will be given some anti-sickness drugs so that a patient doesn’t have to face any kind of complexities or suffer from lymphoma chemotherapy side effects in future. This treatment is not painful at all.

RICE chemotherapy is conspicuous for another reason. If a patient can feel any kind of reaction during the time of treatment, the reaction can be rectified by bringing down the level of drugs. Sometimes a patient can feel inflammation in vein or bleeding. The use of  ‘mesna’ along with other drugs is  proved to be immensely helpful in reducing the severity of these kinds of side effects. It  is also available in tablet form. After the completion of this chemotherapy, a patient can return home within one or two days for spending a period of repose.

RICE chemotherapy is not absolutely free from side effects. There are some dangerous side effects of chemotherapy treatment.  Although not all patients necessarily experience the same side effects,  these vary from individual to individual. One of the most common side effects  generally faced by individuals facing this treatment is vomiting and nausea. You can consult your health care professional and opt for the anti- sickness medicines which will help you to effectively deal with these side effects. Besides these there are some other side effects of this treatment. They include anemia, bleeding, irritation and loss of appetite. These side effects are temporary and may only last for some time after the treatment.