Second Line Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatment involves treating the cancer with the use of drugs. The drugs used in this treatment help kill the cancer cells. The doctor makes a proper regime of the chemotherapy treatment for his patient. The doctor prior to preparing the plan takes into account the cancer’s type, the medical history of the patient, the extent of the cancer, the health condition of the patient and also the updated research. The doctors begin with a first line chemotherapy’ however, if the first line chemotherapy fails to treat the cancer the doctors opt for second line chemotherapy.

When second line chemotherapy is given?

The second line chemotherapy is administered to the patients only after the first line chemotherapy has been completed First Line Chemotherapy or if it has come to the notice of the doctors that the first line of chemotherapy has not been effective in treating cancer and the patient is not responding properly to the treatment. The patient undergoing this treatment should collect information and be informed about this type of treatment, as it would help them to effectively deal with the treatment and its side effects. It will make them aware of the merits and demerits of opting for this chemotherapy treatment. You can consult your doctor and get all the information and clear all your queries before undergoing this treatment. The individual should also collect details about the drugs and the schedules, which would be opted for the second line chemotherapy treatment. There are both benefits of chemotherapy and side effects of chemotherapy. Benefits of chemotherapy are several as it destroys cancerous cells and prevents different types of cancers.

A person when opting for second line chemotherapy should consult his doctor regarding both short term and long term side effects of chemotherapy. Second Line ChemotherapyThe person should also enquire about the precaution he or she should take for the side effects. Person should also enquire about how soon he will face any side effect and how long it will persist. He or she should also consult his doctor regarding the medicines that will help him avoid the side effects, whether he could carry on his normal life during the chemotherapy treatment, and what care he should take after the treatment.

Chemotherapy drugs are used to kill cancer cells, as they are poisonous. However, along with the cancer cells these drugs also damage the healthy cells of the body. Often first line chemotherapy given to patients suffering from cancer fails. Doctors then suggest their patients for second line chemotherapy. The failure of chemotherapy occurs as the body of the patient is dying at a fast pace because of the poisonous drugs and not cancer.

The failure of the first line chemotherapy creates a certain amount of despair in patients and they start feeling that the cancer cannot be cured. Some doctors advice the patients to go for the second line of chemotherapy treatment. There are certain other methods of treating cancer, which also can be opted for such as opting for the natural methods of treatment, which are safe and may not have any harmful effects on the important organs of your body.