Taxotere Chemotherapy

Taxotere Chemotherapy Treatment

Taxotere chemotherapy is injected into the veins of the patient. The duration of the treatment is an hour and the therapy is given after every three weeks. However, sometimes doctors decide when the dose should be administered. It depends on the condition of the patient. The doctor also fixes the dosage. Before the therapy is administered, the doctor prescribes a dose of dexamethasone. This helps in the reducing the side effects.

Taxotere ChemotherapyThe dose of the dexamethasone has to be exactly as what the doctor has prescribed. Taxotere (docetaxel) chemotherapy is used for treating the patients suffering from breast cancer, stomach cancer and prostate cancer. Occasionally, patients suffering from ovarian and bladder cancer is treated through this therapy. This particular therapy is not available in the form of a pill. It is always injected into the veins. The dosage also depends on the body structure of the patient. Taxotere chemotherapy is also suggested for different cancers. It is event the preferred treatment for bladder cancer.

Taxotere Chemotherapy Side Effects

There are many side effects of this taxotere chemotherapy treatment. However, it is not necessary that the patient undergoing this treatment will face all these side effects. These chemotherapy side effects do not last for a long time and disappear after the completion of the therapy. The side effects of the treatment can be easily dealt with. You can either consult a doctor and take the necessary medicines or take proper care. It totally depends on the dose that is prescribed for the treatment. Taxotere chemotherapy or Docetaxel chemotherapy is a useful and effective therapy used for the treatment of cancer.

The growth of the cancerous cells takes place at a very rapid rate than the normal cell growth in the body. The growth of the normal cells becomes restricted as soon as they are exposed to the cancerous cells growing in the body. This problem can be effectively solved with the help of the taxotere chemotherapy treatment. It will help to destroy the cancerous cells and encourage the growth of healthy cells in the body.

Precautions before taking Taxotere Chemotherapy

Before a dose of taxotere chemotherapy is given, various precautions should be taken. The doctor should be informed about all the medications that the patient is taking. Aspirin should not be consumed without the permission of the doctor. Without the approval of the doctor, no vaccination should be administered. This therapy is not given to pregnant women as the dose may harm the unborn child. One should not become pregnant while undergoing the treatment. Use of contraception is strongly recommended.

A patient who has undergone the treatment of taxotere chemotherapy has greater chance of being infected. They should avoid crowded places and immediately contact their doctor in case of uneasiness. Hands should be washed as often as possible. Care should be taken to avoid mouth ulcers. One should try to keep away from any possible injury. Sunscreen lotion should be applied before going out, as the skin may be too sensitive.